štvrtok 27. októbra 2016

5-11-2016 - JIHLAVA!!!!

Looking forward to playing this gig and meeting our grindcore brothers ALEA IACTA EST again as well as the other great bands! 5-11-2016 - JIHLAVA!!!!

Nesmierne sa tešíme na tento koncert, kde si opať zahráme s našimi grindcorovými bratmi ALEA IACTA EST ako aj s ostatnými ppči kapelami! 5-11-2016 - JIHLAVA!!!!

FB event:
On the link below you can find our video from ALEA IACTA EST / CONTROLLED EXISTENCE BALKANS TOUR 2016!

Na linku nižšie checknite video z nášho ALEA IACTA EST / CONTROLLED EXISTENCE BALKANS TOUR 2016!

utorok 11. októbra 2016


14-10-2016    BLATNÁ 


We are back at home from one of our best tours!!! It was sooo good to meet you all, see so many interesting places(Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia) and have such a great & funny 11 days long party!!! It was really f*cking awesome and I would like to THANKS to all of you for making it possible, love you all!!!! :)